Watch DOGS


The Jeffco school district has approved a modified re-boot of the WatchDOGS program (  This year, WatchDOGS are not allowed inside the school, must maintain 6-foot social distancing outdoors, and must wear a mask at all times.  WatchDOGS can still help with perimeter security, recess/lunch assistance, and traffic control.  Do not volunteer for the WatchDOGS program unless you're willing to strictly follow the protocols.  This is the first instance where the district is allowing parents at the school this year - don't be the person who ruins the opportunity for everyone else.  WatchDOGS this year may volunteer for duty within one of 3 time slots (morning time slot 07:45-10:00, mid-day time slot 10:00-12:15, or afternoon time slot 12:15-2:30), with a maximum of 2 WatchDOGS allowed per time slot. 
Volunteer using the WatchDOGS Calendar 
, and plan to come for as much or as little of your time slot as possible.   Questions/comments, contact Maple Grove WatchDOGS coordinator Mike Griffeth at (303) 482-7303 or

2020 WatchDOGS protocols:

Schools should coordinate the arrival of the WatchDOGS via text, email or phone call and provide a sanitized (wiped down) radio and yellow vest waiting outside.  

Schools can provide a sanitized chair and small table if they chose for the WatchDOGS to be able to sit outdoors when needed.

WatchDOGS can be used for traffic control around the school and perimeter safety.

WatchDOGs must socially distance themselves from students and staff and wear a mask at all times.

Because WatchDOGS can’t come into the building during the day, restroom use will have to be either at their home or at a public store, restaurant, etc.

All staff are to be notified when WatchDOGS are on site.

In the event of an emergency, the school should advise the District’s Emergency Dispatch Center that WatchDOGS are on site.

At the end of the day, the school must sanitize the WatchDOGS radio and vest.

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